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We opened the award-winning Ten10 Academy in 2013, aiming to find students with the right aptitude, drive and determination that would make them quality engineers. We built on their natural abilities with bespoke training, giving them the technical knowledge needed to find fantastic jobs in technology.

Hundreds of graduates later, our aims have been more than fulfilled. With stiff competition in STEM courses and many feeling university isn’t right for them, we’re rethinking education and providing a different path for junior talent like you.

Develop skills to succeed

At the Ten10 Academy, your degree subject is less important than your natural ability. In fact, you don’t even need a degree! During your application we test for soft skills and technical aptitude, and once you join we have first-class training to develop both.

Our technical training is delivered by Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) certified trainers, helping ensure you can dive straight into the world of work.

Academy Engineers are trained on:

  • Agile software delivery methods
  • DevOps
  • Test automation and performance testing
  • Business analysis
  • Web technology
  • Databases
  • Software development

Real-world experience

After your initial six-weeks at the Academy, you’ll be deployed into one of our customers’ teams – you’ll help expand their technical know-how while also receiving on-the-job training.

At the end of your time there, you have the opportunity to be employed by them directly, ensuring they retain the knowledge you have acquired and giving you your first full role in the world of tech.

Core principles

Inclusion: We don’t mandate a STEM degree. You are selected based on your natural aptitude, not on a decision you made at school.

Social mobility: We pay a salary and provide accommodation, so no one has to use a loan or savings to train with us.

Diversity: To date, 62% of Academy Engineers are women and 40% identify as coming from the BAME community. We’re very proud of this, but we will always strive to keep improving.

Investment and integrity: We invest in people. We aim to provide our graduates with development opportunities by either placing them with our clients or the chance to become a Ten10 consultant.

Academy wellbeing

Extensive wellbeing support is offered to Academy Engineers, giving you everything you need to address both personal and professional issues. This allows you to thrive while learning and delivering for our customers.

The benefits of training with Ten10

  • No extensive tech knowledge required – just your natural aptitude
  • First-class training by ILM-certified trainers
  • Accommodation provided during your training
  • Paid placements with some of the best workplaces in tech

What our graduates say

“The opportunities for self-development have been pivotal.  I especially enjoyed the training in Leeds, the Lunch & Learns and the various professional exams offered to boost my skillset.  I am grateful for all of these opportunities, they have helped to provide me with confidence in the world of work”

Kieron Dodd

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