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The best start for your tech career

You’ll be expertly trained in the latest technologies, methodologies and tools to meet the needs of some of the world’s leading tech clients.

After your initial six-week training, taught at Ten10’s dedicated facility in Leeds and covering all aspects of the SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle), you’ll be given further role-based specialist training. This will get you fully prepared for your placement within one of our clients.

Finding your perfect role

Rather than pre-selecting our Academy Engineers for specific roles, the initial training is used to assess your aptitude. Based on your results, and with input from our trainers, we recommend the role most suited to you and the further training you can take to specialise in that area. We also consider the type of location and organisation you’d prefer.

Our approach has led to people with History or English degrees excelling at the technical aspects and people with STEM degrees showing a stronger aptitude for people-based roles.

Learning to collaborate

By training in all areas of the SDLC, you’ll leave us being able to understand, collaborate and empathise with individuals and teams working in other disciplines. Our training allows you to succeed in your own role, while also helping others.

Academy training key points

  • Training using a variety of tools, technologies and approaches
  • Delivered by Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) certified trainers
  • Teaches hands-on application of skills in addition to the theory
  • Learning is focused on building a solid understanding of industry-standard tools
  • Regular exercises and assessments to verify learning and understanding

The courses

Discover the courses we offer at the Ten10 Academy:

Test and Test Automation

Building on the core training software testing modules, this course provides an experience of working on a realistic test project against changing requirements, complex systems and evolving risk.


This course builds on the development modules within the core training, developing skills around OO design, SOLID principles, design patterns as well as how to apply most features of the Java language.


Building on the core training DevOps modules, this course develops skills in Linux operations and practical networking before moving onto a hands-on experience – migrating a sophisticated on-premise solution to the cloud.

Business Analysis

This course teaches techniques to elicit and document requirements and how to define solutions using BPM, data modelling, use cases and user stories.


Building on the core training of the business analysis and automation components modules, this course teaches how to model and document processes from stakeholders within the business.

Cyber Security

This course builds on the networking, web technology and system administration modules within the core training, providing additional networking, web and Linux sysadmin skills.

BI/Data Analyst

Building on the core training data module, this course focuses on further SQL development and BI reporting solutions. Additional bolt-on courses can also be added covering other tools and skills.

Project Management

This course looks to develop the core skills required in an effective project manager, including practical skills in project planning, scheduling and estimation and reporting.


Building on the core training development, test and deployment modules, this course teaches how to develop, customise and integrate Salesforce applications, including integrating the platform with other systems.

AWS Cloud Migration Engineer

The course builds on the sysadmin, networking, cloud infrastructure, DevOps and development components of the core training, focusing on how applications can be built, deployed and migrated to AWS.

Ongoing development

We continually review the training we offer and add new role-specific courses in line with client and student demand. We also continue to expand the different technology platforms we support and provide training in.

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