Support for your Academy journey

Our dedicated wellness initiative

We take the wellbeing and mental health of our Academy Engineers very seriously. Extensive and ongoing wellbeing support is offered to you by our dedicated Ten10 Academy Wellbeing Team, who will provide care, encouragement and guidance. You can go to them with any personal or professional issues, helping you to thrive throughout your time with Ten10.

Ten10 wellbeing team

The team’s activities and commitments include:

  • First point of call for any issues or concerns
  • Regular communications via emails and drop-in sessions through webinars and conference calls
  • Facilitating knowledge sharing and maintaining the sense of community between Ten10 Engineers
  • Delivering a Positive Psychology course in the classroom

The Academy

In addition, we have a number of initiatives in place to support you:

  • Recognition for achievements via monthly care packages and rewards
  • Academy Engineer socials
  • End-to-end relocation assistance
  • Ten10 Wellbeing collaboration platform – a tool for Academy Engineers to communicate with and support each other, regardless of location

Ongoing support

The career development and support structure within Ten10 provides you with ongoing training and development:

  • Full access to an online knowledge base and range of online courses
  • Regular lunch and learns
  • Ongoing coaching
  • Performance reviews every six months
  • Formal Competency Framework and Learning Pathways, spanning all roles and levels
  • Trainers on hand to answer technical questions
  • Channels available for technical support from consultants throughout the business
  • Company collaboration platforms to allow for questions to be answered efficiently

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