How we help digital retailers stay competitive

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From accelerating your digital transformation to helping you grow your tech team, we can support your business whatever your goals and priorities

We’ve become the trusted partner of some of the UK’s well-known retailers and helped bring their digital solutions to life.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the retail industry, we know that many organisations struggle with digital transformation initiatives, platform migrations and upgrades, web accessibility, and hiring the digital talent they need to succeed.

We deliver tailored solutions to help you deliver meaningful change. So how can we help you best?

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Struggling to bring digital transformation to life?

We live in a very different post-pandemic world of eCommerce. Retailers who had invested in their digital capabilities prior to the pandemic were better equipped to adapt to the changing environment and capture the increased demand for online shopping. These companies were able to provide seamless digital experiences, optimise their supply chains, and leverage data and analytics to make informed decisions.

The speed of your digital transformation remains a priority within the retail industry and for your business as you may be challenged by other forces such as integrating different technologies with legacy systems or data accuracy, consistency, and visibility. Evolving customer expectations and changing market trends can also lead to misalignment between your digital initiatives and the needs of your customers.

You need impartial, expert support on your side to provide leadership, advice, and support when you need it most.

Our solution: Ten10 Advisory Services

Delivering digital transformation programmes, projects, small changes and improvement initiatives has never been easier with Ten10’s Advisory Services. We bring a wealth of experience and help you realise change and transformation with confidence.

From making the most of automation to reviewing test strategies and improving your software delivery lifecycle, we believe in providing you with unbiased information focused on your needs and will drive quality technology.

Browse our Quality Engineering services or contact our Retail Practice Lead, Rees Battye, to learn how we can help you and your team.

Successful Salesforce eCommerce migration for Hobbycraft

We partnered with Hobbycraft to ensure their Salesforce Commerce Cloud migration was a success. They engaged Ten10 as a QA partner to manage the functional, integration, accessibility, performance and automation testing. We successfully delivered a fully remote managed service to Hobbycraft over eight months while working alongside their development partners.

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“This project has been a triumph for a tightly integrated, highly collaborative team of passionate experts who shared a clear view of the delivery objective from the outset and throughout. That the resulting solution has been so positively received – and is already performing so well – is testament to the incredible effort by all concerned, with so many – including Ten10 – going above and beyond.”

– Matt Louth, IT Director at Hobbycraft

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Failing to adhere to web accessibility standards?

Over 14 million people in the UK are affected by a disability, including 19% of working age adults and 44% of pension age adults in the UK. The purple pound – the spending power of disabled people – is estimated to be worth £274 billion per year to UK businesses.

When your website or application is not fully accessible, customers become frustrated by the difficulty of browsing and purchasing from you. Research has shown that 75% of disabled users leave your site or app mid-transaction, directly impacting your revenue and potentially hurting your reputation in the market.

Your brand also becomes harder to find online – search engines increasingly prioritise websites that are accessible to people with disabilities. This can result in reduced visibility and traffic to your site or app, further throttling your sales. You may also face fines and legal issues by not adhering to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Our solution: Web Accessibility Audit

Our Accessibility Audit service provides an audit of your application or website against the Web Content Accessibility Standards (WCAG) Version 2.1. You’ll receive a full set of actionable insights and recommendations on how to remove barriers that would otherwise prevent people with a range of disabilities from accessing it.

We take a combined approach to web accessibility testing. We work with a range of best-in-class tools such as Sort site, WAVE, aXe to automate and rapidly perform accessibility testing wherever possible. This is complemented by our team of specialist consultants who can identify additional issues that automation tools may not pick up.

Our accessibility testing service will provide you with the advice and guidance needed to support you through the WCAG self-certification process. We can also work with you to understand your plans for future development and expansion to ensure accessibility can be built into your product development lifecycle.

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Testing team stretched to its limit?

When you simply don’t have the capacity to bring your solutions to life, testing becomes costly and ineffective. Inadequate defect escalation processes can result in untested fixes, unprioritised activity, and an inaccurate view of progress and quality. The absence of defect triage meetings extends test execution windows and disrupts key operational activities that your wider business relies on.

Unfortunately, the UK tech skills gap remains a significant challenge for many organisations – as skills shortages in development teams mean missed defects, delayed projects, and wasted resources. 81% of UK bosses say a lack of digital skills is negatively affecting their company.

You need a way to consistently bring expert-trained talent into your business when you need it – people that are the right cultural fit and will stay with you for a long-term career so they become your new generation of subject matter experts.

Our solution: Ten10 Academy

Through our Tech Academy, we find brilliant people with a passion for technology and give them both the tools to start their tech careers and the business skills to succeed in any workplace. It’s a fully immersive experience, as they learn from and work with our experienced Consultants throughout their training.

With a dedicated Resourcing team focused on attracting people from all backgrounds, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, and academic history, we are proud to help organisations grow their IT teams through our truly diverse and inclusive workforce solution. It’s all part of the Recruit-Train-Deploy model – a flexible recruitment model that provides businesses with technologists who are the right-fit, right now.

We also offer a Hybrid Team model. This is a blended team of Academy Consultants led by our experienced Consultants to deliver more complex projects for you. Strategic and leadership challenges are addressed by our senior Consultants, who in turn lead and develop the Academy Consultants as they support your tech team to achieve their objectives.

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