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We’ve worked with pensions companies across the UK to help them deliver digital solutions internally and for their clients.

Through our wealth of experience across pension tech, we know that organisations are frequently under-resourced and projects have been mis-scoped when it comes to their acceptance testing.

That’s why we’re here to help.

Testing projects repeatedly pushed out of scope?

Your solutions frequently rely on legacy platforms integrated with a myriad of other applications. As you look to reduce technical debt and embrace modern, cloud-based solutions, the challenges of migrating critical information and workflows are increased significantly as you enter the key acceptance test phases. When this is coupled with delivering solutions for demanding clients who fail to define their expectations or change them with little notice, your testing team is quickly pushed to its limit.

Without knowing the key requirements, it is near impossible to define any acceptance criteria. Testing becomes a series of happy path journeys executed by business users which can leave serious defects hidden and add constant scope creep. These both impact delivery dates, increase system complexity, and increase costs.

Our solution: Quality and Test Management

Ten10 can provide proven test management, structure, and capability to ease these challenges. Ten10 Quality and Test Management is designed to help our clients enable current and future software change with confidence. This is underpinned by our proven delivery methodology – Tenology® – a collection of tried-and-tested assets including frameworks, templates, checklists, scripts and process flows. This means we can quickly optimise your test approach and start to deliver value from day one.

Our expert Quality and Test Consultants will:

  • Define a quality and test strategy for your organisation, programme or project
  • Deliver an improvement roadmap, either as a dedicated activity or alongside a pilot programme or project
  • Prioritise ‘quick wins’
  • Explain the benefits of change to stakeholders at all levels of your organisation

We can provide Head of Test, Programme Test Manager, Test Manager and Test Lead-level Consultants, across all test disciplines and based on your business requirements. They’re ready to manage a test team, provide governance and oversight on test deliverables, and ensure your test activity is efficient and effective.

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Testing team constantly under-resourced?

When a testing team simply can’t meet the demands put on it, testing becomes ineffective and expensive. When bugs are found, poor defect escalation processes lead to untested fixes, unprioritised development activity, and an inaccurate view of progress or quality. Without defect triage, test execution windows extend and keep your subject matter experts from their day jobs, impacting key operational BAU activities that are critical to the wider business.

These issues can be compounded by the difficulty of replacing knowledgeable staff that leave your business. If business processes are documented, they are often done so poorly – often the key knowledge sits in the heads of a few subject matter experts, many of whom are close to leaving the industry, if they haven’t done so already.

Our solution: Ten10 Academy

Our ‘hybrid team’ delivery model differs from the norm, creating a blended team of Ten10 Academy Consultants led by our experienced senior Consultants to deliver complex projects for you. Our Tech Academy trains new talent in the platforms, tools, and methodologies that you use, meaning they’re taught the subject matter they need to make a difference in your organisation on day one. You can flexibly scale this support up or down based on the projects you need to deliver, and even bring Academy Consultants into your organisation permanently.

By combining our Consultancy practice with our Tech Academy, we leverage experience and knowledge with scale and cost efficiency. The challenge of delivering immediate solutions is addressed by our senior Consultants, who in turn lead and develop the Academy Consultants in the team, all whilst maintaining focus on your objectives.

“The Graduate QA Engineers that have been provided by Ten10 have proven to be invaluable members of our QA function. I have been consistently impressed with their ability to pick up a complicated application very quickly, especially for a subject matter quite alien to them! Their work ethic, attitude and aptitude is both a credit to themselves as individuals and the training they receive through the Ten10 Academy process. Being able to rely on their long term commitment to the project significantly reduces the risks I’d face if I had to rely on freelancers.”

Martin Gibbs, Senior Test Manager, Equiniti Life & Pensions

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