International Women’s Day – Meet Maariyah

International Women's Day

Can you tell us a little bit about you and your role at Ten10?

Hello, my name is Maariyah! I have been a part of Ten10 for nearly 2 and half years on a number of different clients and projects. I have really enjoyed every opportunity so far!

I am currently working as a Consultant as part of a manual testing project for a template creation application. I have been here for just over a month and have spent most of that time working with the existing team to enhance their QA approach for the current project and building a foundation for future releases and upcoming projects.

What drew you into the tech industry?

Previously, I had the ambition of becoming a paramedic and went through specific training before making the decision to move to the tech industry, it started from helping family and friends with their techy issues and eventually evolved into a keen interest. Fast forward a few years, I got my degree in Computing and that just paved the way for me! I love the constant change in the tech industry, it keeps things fresh and exciting – you never know what the future will hold!

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

International Women’s Day is all about celebrating the achievements of women, whether it’s social, economical, political – there are lots of ways to remind ourselves of the great achievements made by women, a pinnacle point for women’s rights. It gives us an opportunity to recognise change and be a part of it, everyone can get involved to reflect on the improvements made for women and their rights. I appreciate the opportunity to learn more about the women who have helped progress this movement.

What women inspire you and why?

I would have to bring this close to home and say my sister, she is one of my inspirations! She always rises up to challenges, believes in her ability and perseveres in tricky situations. She looks at the positives in every situation and can really bring out the best in people. Outside of that, there are a lot of influential figures that I look up to who have been a cause for change. Some are historical figures and others are women that I follow in more of a day to day aspect, for example, a faith inspired singer – Tori Kelly. She is a great musician who makes music that can be really uplifting when you need it most, alongside her outlook on life of just being a good person, staying positive and helping those around you as much as you can!