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Hear about Luke’s journey throughout the Ten10 Academy and how he has found his first year working in IT

We hear all the time that the difference between our Academy Consultants starting their training and when they’re completing client work is like night and day. So how does it feel to have worked across multiple clients and spent a full year working in tech? We interviewed Luke Jones, one of our Ten10 Academy Consultants, to hear his personal career story.

Take us through your placement – what client teams have you worked with and what specific projects have you been responsible for during your placement?

I’ve worked with clients within the aerospace sector and the insurance/finance sector. My first client was in the aerospace sector. I was part of a project where we were remote testing new technologies built in Qatar. Some of us were lucky enough to do some on-site testing. It was very exciting to be allowed to undergo such an interesting project. We were made up of the internal Ten10 team merged with client employees. This was key for me as I had some familiar faces with me and still felt a part of Ten10 whilst merging with a huge company.

For the finance client, our team was responsible for the upgrading and migration transition of their old portal to the new and improved one, ensuring everything was in order and raising any issues found. I’ve had the chance to pick up several new skills whilst working there that I didn’t think I would do before I started!

What is a typical working day or week for you?

I’ll outline a typical day first. It always starts with the stand-up, timings can range from 9 am-9:15 or 9:45 -10 am. We are asked simple questions, such as what did we do yesterday? What are we doing today? Is there anything blocking me from achieving that? Think of it like a quick pre-match team talk where everyone gets on the same page about what we’re doing and what stands in our way. Then, you get the work done. This usually involves collaborating within your team – in one case the standup may involve Testers, Developers, the Scrum Master and the Product Owner, so you can have smaller internal meetings within whichever team you’re a part of to discuss what help you need during the day (these are usually more specific whereas standups are to give an overview).

Then, some days we have sprint planning meetings or sprint retrospectives which outline how your two-week sprint of work did (did we get everything done, what stopped us, etc) and what to do in the upcoming sprint. We also have 1-to-1s with our career coach or client manager as well as a catch-up with all our Ten10 colleagues to see what’s going on outside your bubble.

How do you feel you’ve transitioned from the Ten10 Academy to your client work?

The transition was very smooth for me. I had the necessary training provided within the Academy to ensure I knew what to do once I hit the client site. It was daunting at first, the main difficulties come with adjusting to a client’s infrastructure and business practices but in all honesty that’s how any job is.

I was confident that I had learned the necessary skills both on the technical side and on a personal level to ensure the transition went as smoothly as possible. After a year of client work, my confidence has just grown and grown. I’m now capable of transitioning from client to client with ease.

Has either your role or your responsibilities changed during your time on placement?

Definitely. When you first start, you have a full understanding of the client’s inner workings and what does what. After a while, you’ll have the whole picture and then you can start working on different parts of the business. I recall one time when I was at my aerospace client, we had several team members on leave so I had to step up and run the meetings as well as send out the daily reports. While it was daunting, it showed I was trusted and valued within the team enough to take on those responsibilities which was really fulfilling.

What parts of the Ten10 Academy training have been most useful during your placements?

The way I’d describe the Ten10 Academy training would be like a big magnet. Whatever interests you or you discover you have a talent for will pull you in that direction. I found myself drawn to the software testing side of the training as it’s just something that came naturally to me and resonated with me. Then, when it came time to be put forward for roles being offered, the test analyst role felt like a no-brainer. I had the knowledge and the confidence to know this role is for me and I have the necessary knowledge to succeed.

What technology, tools, frameworks, and processes have you gained experience with since starting client work?

I’ve had the chance to work with many different technologies during my client work, from SQL Database servers to Jira Boards. The tech industry is always changing, so any new technology can come in and be implemented, the agile methodology is a process that encourages continuous collaboration and improvement. You’re always on your toes for anything new coming your way and it’s a great environment to be in.

How is your client supporting your development?

During my time here, I have learned a lot by shadowing experienced colleagues. This hands-on approach has given me valuable insights and real-world knowledge. The regular stand-up meetings have been effective in creating an environment for open communication among the team. It has allowed me to share my ideas and progress with my colleagues, ensuring alignment and transparency. I have also received great support from my team leads throughout my journey. Their guidance and help in addressing my questions and concerns have been very useful to me.

What support have you received from Ten10 during your placement?

I continued communication with Ten10 through frequent Google chats, monthly calls, and update sessions. This has been a great benefit while working with my client, and Ten10 make sure that I am happy in my workplace without any problems.

Have you been given any extra opportunities through your client work?

I had the privilege of gaining an in-depth insight into my client’s production processes during my time with them. I visited one of their UK factories and had the chance to interact with the team in a completely different environment. This experience helped me understand their work better and gave me a new perspective on their operations.

My client hosted summer events, providing a fun and relaxed atmosphere to connect with colleagues. They also occasionally arrange food stalls, which is a delightful perk. It’s a small gesture that adds a touch of enjoyment to the workday.

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