Recruit-Train-Deploy – How does it work?

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Learn how the Recruit-Train-Deploy model can solve your tech recruitment challenges

The technology sector is facing a monumental recruitment challenge. Companies are finding it harder to retain their staff and fill the vacancies in their teams. Here in the UK, 81% of UK managing directors say a lack of digital skills is hurting their company.

This is a systemic problem that can only be solved by encouraging more young people to pursue tech careers and improving the skills they learn before entering the workforce. That’s the long-term solution, but it won’t help the recruitment issues you’re feeling today (and tomorrow, and the day after…)

That’s where the Recruit-Train-Deploy model comes into play.

What is the Recruit-Train-Deploy model?

Recruit-Train-Deploy (sometimes called Hire-Train-Deploy) is a talent model designed to help you fill your IT vacancies with qualified technologists who fit your business. It’s the model we use in our Ten10 Academy, helping our clients bring more projects to life and permanently grow their tech teams.

It’s a three-step process:

  • We recruit promising talent based on a rigorous selection process
  • We give them expert training in specific technical pathways
  • We deploy them to work on your projects and in your organisation

How does Recruit-Train-Deploy compare to traditional recruitment?

You can learn everything you need to know in this helpful explainer video:

What are the benefits of a Recruit-Train-Deploy model?

For years, companies have struggled to hire the tech talent they need to realise their full potential. The Recruit-Train-Deploy model can bring a wealth of benefits to your business:

Diversifying your workforce

Women and people from minority backgrounds are still underrepresented in university STEM courses. How can organisations grow diverse teams when the talent pool remains stagnant?

Our Recruit-Train-Deploy model is open to people from all backgrounds and education levels. We use a rigorous assessment process to find the top 1-2% of people who have that essential spark – a passion for tech. Non-STEM graduates and no-degree applicants have gone on to be some of our top-performing engineers.

The result: you can grow your team into one that brings true diversity of thought into your organisation. This is essential to ensure your organisation is always finding new solutions to the challenges you face as you grow. The more backgrounds and experiences you have in your team, the more creativity you can harness.

Expert-led, customisable training

We pride ourselves on having the best trainers around. In fact, they aren’t trainers – they’re consultants with decades of experience that they pass on to the next generation of talent. That experience includes a core technology primer so everyone who comes through the Ten10 Academy has a solid foundation of data, testing, automation, development, project management and DevOps skills, to name just a few.

They are then placed on a specialised learning pathway and dedicated training and coaching so they’re ready to join your organisation. If you need technologists with knowledge of specific skills and tools, this training can be customised to suit your business needs.


You might wonder why the third part of the model is ‘Deploy’ rather than ‘Employ’. That’s because of the flexibility and scalability that the model brings. You can choose whether to use the model to temporarily increase your capabilities for an upcoming project or to permanently grow your team.

This is particularly useful when your organisation is piloting new technology and initiatives. Take robotic process automation (RPA) as an example. RPA can help your business in a wealth of ways but many clients are cautious when they haven’t utilised automation before. With the Recruit-Train-Deploy model, we can deploy our engineers to work with your existing team to bring an RPA pilot to life. If your ambitions and goals change, and you want to utilise RPA in other areas of your organisation, you can ramp up or scale down the resources you use.

Faster recruitment without increasing team management

When you utilise talent through the Recruit-Train-Deploy model, you can grow your IT team much faster than through traditional recruitment. We recommend candidates based on your organisational culture and you make your selections without having to wait on lengthy notice periods.

Hiring talent through a recruitment company means increasing the time spent managing them. Getting them up to speed with your systems and coaching them through training sessions can hold you back from high-value tasks. Under our Recruit-Train-Deploy model, we manage the learning and development of the engineers. They learn from Ten10’s exceptional heritage in tech and you spend more time getting work done.

Which sectors use Recruit-Train-Deploy models?

Recruit-Train-Deploy is a proven, effective model for bringing qualified and talented technologists into your organisation. But the model isn’t solely used by IT companies.

The tech of many retail, healthcare, legal and financial services companies is built on legacy systems because of the historical recruitment issues they’ve faced filling their teams. They’re stuck relying on long-tenured staff and paying expensive contractors to deliver their projects.

Public sector organisations face unique challenges when trying to fill their skills gaps. In a highly-competitive market, lengthy approval processes can make hiring top talent difficult. Under the Recruit-Train-Deploy model, you can hire from a protected pool of candidates so you aren’t beaten by tech giants offering inflated salaries.

Ultimately, the Recruit-Train-Deploy model can be used by organisations in any sector. Traditional recruitment practices have been stretched to the limit by a shrinking talent pool, which is why this model has emerged to tackle the challenge.

Why should you use Ten10’s Recruit-Train-Deploy model?

We believe Recruit-Train-Deploy connects talented individuals with businesses that need them. We believe that so much that we live by it: the longest user of our Recruit-Train-Deploy service is ourselves!

The Ten10 Academy started in 2013 because we experienced the same recruitment issues that others face today. We knew there were talented people out there who just needed training and an opportunity. As we’ve grown and technology changes, we’ve expanded the Academy so our clients can grow their teams and benefit from our exceptional training.

As an established technology Consultancy, we help bring client projects to life across a wide range of industries and organisation types. This wealth of experience feeds our Academy training and we continuously evolve our programmes based on real-world tech needs, not textbooks.

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