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The Project

The client was developing email templates for marketing purposes. The aesthetics of these templates were very important to ensure that they looked attractive and would be rendered correctly on a multitude of recipient devices.

Ten10 enabled the client to quickly test its templates against a wide range of digital devices and email platforms. This was done by utilising Ten10’s Digital Test Lab to create a compatibility testing methodology and co-ordinate and manage the preparation, execution and reporting of the testing using its extensive range of digital devices.

What we did

The client used a large CRM system, and relied on several email templates for their marketing and communications. As a result, the client had invested heavily in the aesthetics of the templates but needed to ensure they were rendering correctly and displaying attractively as intended. Therefore, the templates needed to be tested against a wide range of devices and email clients.

Ten10 was asked to step in and help to find a solution quickly. Utilising Ten10’s Digital testing capability, Ten10 adopted a risk-based approach to confirm the browser and email platform prioritisation using both the client and Ten10’s analytics of platform usage.

Once the scope was confirmed Ten10 utilised its extensive repository of devices to deliver testing and validate that the email templates displayed and rendered correctly as per the client’s requirements. This removed the need for the client to purchase devices themselves saving considerable time and money.

Throughout testing daily reporting was shared, defects escalated, and upon completion a full report was shared detailing all testing carried out, defects identified and whether the test exit criteria was met.

Success Story

Ten10’s significant repository of digital devices meant that we could quickly and confidently start testing with minimal lead time to the client. The client made us aware that through our collaboration with them and our risk-based approach we had understood their requirements far more quickly than other consultancies they had previously worked with, meaning that we not only achieved a high success rate at providing the right level of quality assurance but managed to do so at pace.

Ten10 satisfied the client’s requirement with a very quick solution to their challenge of ensuring that marketing emails could be distributed with the design looking as intended, irrespective of the hardware and software combination being used by their recipients.


There were minimal metrics available from the client to understand which email clients, browsers or devices were being used to read the marketing material. This lack of data meant that Ten10 had to utilise their experience of the marketplace to ensure sufficient end user coverage was met for compatibility testing.


Ten10 delivered a number of benefits as part of this engagement:

  • Utilised digital expertise – Ten10 was able to utilise its experience in the digital space to ensure sufficient risk-based coverage was met for compatibility testing.
  • Removed client requirement to purchase devices – Ten10’s extensive repository of devices meant that the client did not have to purchase devices themselves, which can be costly and have significant lead times, especially where there is a requirement to test against older versions of operating systems and devices.
  • Improved speed to market – Using Ten10’s existing repository of digital devices meant that testing could be commenced quickly, saving the client time and money and improving speed to market for the email template solution.