Corporate & Social Responsibility


We are proud of the role we play in enabling people from ethnic minorities to start or progress their career in technology. We remain committed to treating everyone the same, regardless of their colour, gender, sexual orientation or religion.

We know we need to do more though. We are listening to our colleagues and based on what we learn are developing an action plan. In addition to our existing undertakings, these are the new things we’re doing:

  • Publicly communicating and reinforcing our commitment to racial equality and avoiding relationships with organisations (clients, suppliers, partners) who do not do likewise.
  • Running an internal learning initiative to help all staff better understand the issues and improve in areas such as unconscious bias.
  • Enhancing the career development support available to our colleagues from ethnic minorities with a view to improving ethnic diversity at more senior levels.
  • Asking our staff to select charitable causes we can assist to further demonstrate our support.
  • Holding regular meetings of employee representatives and the senior team to monitor progress.
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Fundraising at Ten10

Our employees select a charity partner every year. In recent years we have supported CALM and Alzheimer’s UK. Our current charity is British Red Cross.

We run several fundraising events during the year, including quizzes, bake sales and company supported events such as Tough Mudder, Snowdon at night and the London bridges walk. We encourage young people to get involved with technology through code clubs and support and actively engage women in their career development.

Community Projects

We work in our communities and encourage young people to get involved with technology through code clubs and STEM for young women. We support local charities around our offices and engage with the community through projects and events.

“At Ten10 we see charitable giving and supporting community projects as parts of our DNA.”
Chris Shaw, CEO, Ten10

Ten10 Person of the Year

The Ten10 Person of the Year award is a fantastic opportunity for one of our team to select a charity or community cause, tell us why it’s important to them and how they plan to help. The winner receives additional annual leave and a generous budget to cover the cost of undertaking their activity.

Our current award winner, Amelia Roscoe, spent two weeks at the Community Learning Centre in Okhaldhung, Kathmandu, Nepal teaching children computer skills and donating six laptops.