Gender Pay Gap

All UK organisations with over 250 employees are required to share details of their gender pay and bonus pay gaps, the percentage of men and women receiving a bonus and proportions of men and women in each pay quartile of our workforce. This is the first year that Ten10 has legally been obliged to publish our gender pay data publicly but it has been something that has been tracked and reported on for several years to date.

At Ten10 we are committed to providing a working environment in which all employees feel valued, appreciated and respected and endeavour to create a culture where all of our staff are able to pursue a rewarding career whilst contributing to the success of our business. The Senior Leadership Team believes equality in the workplace is imperative to good management practices and the growth of the business. Selection for employment, promotion, training or any other benefit is on the basis of aptitude and ability only.

Ten10's Headlines

34% of Ten10’s workforce identify as women

Ten10’s mean gender pay gap is 11% v an average of 16% in the UK tech industry and 11.6% overall nationally (

Ten10’s mean gender pay gap excluding the Board of Directors is 4%

Median pay gap of – 4%

  • 39% of Ten10’s bonus recipients are women

Ten10 makes significant efforts to recruit and retain a diverse workforce through dedicated resourcing, development and wellbeing teams focused on engaging people from all backgrounds, including addressing the gender gap within tech by focusing on attracting women. 

All employees who enter through our Academy are paid exactly the same starting base salary. As our employees navigate their journey within Ten10 through learning and promotion channels, pay reviews are awarded fairly and consistently across the business based on role, skills and aptitude.

Unfortunately, women are still wholly underrepresented within the tech industry, however here at Ten10 we emphasise diversity, equity and inclusion at every opportunity which is embedded through our company values. As our business grows, we are committed to closing the Ten10 gender pay gap.

This financial year we have been very pleased to have promoted our first female director onto the Board and as the company grows we expect more to follow. Also 44% of our Wider Leadership Team are women.