Device and Browser Compatibility Testing

Compatibility testing ensures that software will meet ever-increasing customer expectations across a broad range of devices, operating systems and browsers.


Device compatibility testing checks and validates that your application behaves as expected across the different types of hardware and browsers that your customers use to access your application, such as:

  • Desktops
  • Mobiles
  • Tablets
  • Browsers
  • Operating systems
  • Hardware configurations
  • Network capabilities

Types of compatibility issues you might encounter when testing your solution:

  • Different hardware configurations per device or desktop (i.e. Using a separate monitor on desktop, USB devices)
  • Various operating systems such as Windows 10/8 or MacBook
  • Software variations can differ per device and browser. There may be some additional applications on the device that are not on all that affect the UI feel of the website, or application
  • Networks. It is key to validate the 3G, 4G, 5G, WIFI connectivity
  • Browser variations are key to ensuring the website, or application is compatible with all browsers that are in scope

The increasing use of various devices presents unique compatibility testing challenges addressed by using best practice supported by a range of devices located in our test labs.

Our approach to compatibility testing uses structured exploratory testing – rather than a traditional scripted approach – to provide a more reactive and flexible method to testing, focusing on providing you with valuable feedback as early in the project as possible. We hold a diverse range of hardware and operating systems in our device labs, ensuring the right level of coverage.


  • We will plan and manage the ongoing testing against releases of new devices, cross-browser and operating systems as well as old devices through backward compatibility testing
  • Allow testing to take place across a range of devices without upfront purchase costs or responsibility for ongoing maintenance and upgrades
  • Understand the risks and issues that exist associated with specific types of device, browser or operating system
  • Utilise a team experienced in compatibility testing across a range of industries and technologies
  • A flexible service which allows you to vary and adapt the testing you require based on ongoing observations from testing


  • Test lab with flexible access to a broad range of devices
  • Remote access capability to our local labs or other cloud-based devices, allowing real devices to be controlled in real-time by people in various locations
  • A risk-based approach to provide the right blend of effort and coverage
  • Structured exploratory testing is used to provide flexible test coverage quickly and efficiently
  • Ability to test across actual devices locally or remotely, emulators and through web browser plugins


  • A statement of work summarising our approach and costs
  • Regular communication to ensure you are getting the service that is right for you
  • Structured testing that is fast, flexible, and reliable
  • Test phases structured around your product releases as well as new devices, operating systems and browsers entering the market
  • Regular feedback and recommendations on design, usability and any issues found


Compatibility testing of HTML email templates

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