With an exceptional heritage in highly technical and analytical software quality and automation, Ten10’s Consultancy team delivers industry-leading Quality Engineering, Automation, Cloud & DevOps and Business Analysis solutions and services.

Our unique Intelligent Delivery approach ensures expert delivery and successful outcomes via a set of proven steps, including our ‘Tenology’ methodology.

Quality Engineering

Our Quality Engineering approach goes beyond traditional Software Testing, embedding quality early and at every stage of the delivery lifecycle, minimising costly errors and delayed go-lives. We use AI and ML approaches and tools to deliver better test cases and faster and more effective test automation and AI models to predict potential defects and highlight problem areas as well as generate diverse and realistic test data. Put simply, our Quality Engineering solutions help our clients deliver quality software faster, more efficiently and more frequently.

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AI and Automation

We deliver key business outcomes via the effective use of Automation; be that improving software quality through test automation, increasing the speed of software delivery through DevOps automation, or gaining operational efficiencies through Robotic Process Automation (RPA).  In Cloud and DevOps, we make use of Generative AI tools such as GitHub Copilot to accelerate the delivery of our infrastructure as Code and Configuration Management and we utilise predictive modelling AI as part of our observability effots to ensure availability of services.  Our RPA practice delivers intelligent automation and cognitive RPA where it provides genuine value, aiding decision making, analysing and interpreting text and extracting data from unstructured documents.

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Cloud & DevOps

Our DevOps and Cloud offerings center around harnessing the power of automation, including cutting-edge AI capabilities. By leveraging AI for code generation, self-healing, and observability, we empower you to significantly expedite your software delivery process. With a deep understanding of the software lifecycle, we intelligently automate each stage to ensure changes are delivered to your customers in a repeatable, consistent, and timely manner.

Through advanced techniques such as infrastructure as code, configuration management, and software development, we’re able to seamlessly integrate even the most complex applications into a DevOps-style release process. This allows you to focus less on operational intricacies and more on fulfilling your customer’s needs. As part of our Cloud & DevOps consultancy services, we prioritise delivering tangible value promptly. Our comprehensive Health Checks provide an encompassing view of your organisation’s requirements and offer pragmatic advice with a proven path forward.

Additionally, our Delivery services are designed to provide short, medium, and long-term support throughout your Cloud & DevOps journey. We equip you with the necessary resources, skills, and expertise to successfully execute your desired outcomes, while also enabling you to independently manage the process.

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Business Analysis

We help address the increasing challenge of aligning business goals with technology change, approaching Business Analysis as a core element of the software delivery lifecycle. Our heritage as experts in software quality enables us to better bridge the business and technology divide.

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Tomorrow's Tech Talent, Intelligently Delivered

Our ‘Intelligent Delivery’ approach ensures that we deliver the right-fit tech solution for every client through:


Led by experts skilled at understanding your business objectives, technology, people and delivery landscape.


Our industry-leading technology expertise enables us to define Intelligent solutions tailored to your specific needs at optimal cost.  


Our ‘Tenology‘ methodology which incorporates years of technology expertise and flexibly guides projects to ensure we deliver right-fit solutions at pace.


We continuously monitor delivery to ensure alignment with your changing objectives and priorities whilst always looking for ways to improve and optimise.