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Automating repetitive, manual processes is an increasing priority for business leaders. The benefits are well-known: increased efficiency, reduced human error, and more time to make the important decisions that drive you forward. However, without comprehensive planning, organisations may rush the implementation process and create more problems than they solve.

Ten10’s Automation services provide industry-leading expertise that maximise efficiencies over the entire software delivery lifecycle – from development through testing all the way up to live operational processes – so you can rest assured your investment will be justified with proven returns.

At Ten10, our mission is to provide unparalleled automation solutions tailored to your business goals and priorities. We understand that ‘one-size fits all’ doesn’t apply  – instead of pushing new tools or processes on you unnecessarily, we make thoughtful recommendations designed for success no matter where the future leads. Leading you through the automation journey with years of industry experience in our consultancy team, underpinned by diverse talent through our Academy, means that you can depend on us now more than ever – never compromising control in the process!

Explore our Automation Services

Test Automation Health Check

Our test automation experts will review your current people, processes, tools and technologies, defining a prioritised roadmap to ensure your test automation delivers.

Test Automation

Our experienced Automation Consultants and Engineers ensure that test automation is implemented where ongoing value can be achieved to help you deliver your business outcomes.

RPA Health Check

Increase the effectiveness, stability and maintainability of your RPA solutions with our RPA Health Check, providing an expert-led roadmap to review, refresh and restart your RPA journey.

RPA Solutions

Industry leading expertise to ensure your RPA journey follows a successful path, defining an overarching strategy that delivers value and return on investment, whilst implementing a robust, maintainable and supportable solution.

Cloud & DevOps Health Checks

Navigate through your transformation with our expert-led Health Checks which leverages Ten10’s industry leading expertise to provide practical, pragmatic and value-led advice to deliver improvements to your delivery.

Cloud & DevOps Solutions

Our trusted expert consultants can step in to help your teams deliver, whether it is a pipeline issue, complex team delivery issue, help to reduce your technical debt or help with your cloud migration issues.

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