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Cloud & DevOps are driving new ways of working, saving money and the use of AI is helping to accelerate value realisation.

Are you making the most out of your Cloud & DevOps journey?

With our long-standing heritage in technology consulting, we provide short, medium and long-term support throughout your Cloud & DevOps journey delivering tangible value quickly.

Are you getting the most from your Cloud migration?

Are you leveraging AI in your development process?

Frustrated by the speed at which you are releasing code?

Is your release consistency what it should be?

Need Cloud or DevOps expertise with cost-effective and pragmatic/intelligent solutions?

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What we do

At Ten10 we focus on delivering tangible value, quickly. Our consulting services work iteratively to solve complex problems through our Reviews or deliver massive value with our Delivery approaches.

Bringing our best to the table, utilising our Tenology® framework we can manage a wide set of complex Cloud & DevOps reviews be it small or large, simple or complex.

Combining this with our Cloud Migration, Team in a Box, Platform Team as a Service and Rapid Response offerings, we can ensure you get tangible value in as quickly as possible.

How DevOps can help your business

Are unclear objectives, organisational resistance to change, shortage of skills, lack of automation, or legacy tooling preventing you from getting the most out of your DevOps journey?

Automation is key to DevOps and with the advent of AI for code generation, self-healing and observability,  you can massively increase your software delivery process. Being able to understand the various stages of the software lifecycle and intelligently automate each part to ensure changes get to your customers in a repeatable, consistent and timely manner. Through the use of infrastructure as code, configuration management, pipelines, software development and AI, we are able to wrangle even the most stubborn of applications into a DevOps-style release process, freeing you up to worry less and focus on your customer needs.

Get your changes implemented instantly

Easily and securely modify code, merge changes, run tests, and deploy as frequently as necessary.

Drive customer satisfaction with fast and efficient responses

Respond to customer feedback by deploying regular and frequent feature updates.

Achieve compliance, enhance security, and ensure reliability for your product

We prioritise the seamless user experience, making sure it remains usable and accessible at all times.

Our Services: Review

Our Review services are designed to answer difficult questions and provide options:

  • Has your cloud usage risen unexpectedly? We’ll find out the reasons why and the underlying behaviours that caused it.
  • Have you implemented DevOps but don’t feel like you are getting the value you should? We’ll dig into your processes, people and technology so we can confidently tell you what the issues are and what you can do about them.
  • Were you told something was impossible? Nothing is impossible. Our strategic review will validate the need and give you a pragmatic way to achieve the same results.
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Our Services: Deliver

Our Delivery services are focused around capability and mindset.

  • Are you struggling to make headway on your strategic initiatives? Our Team in a Box model can analyse your workloads and offer solutions to keep on top of your daily tasks and backlog enabling your teams to focus on the strategic objectives.
  • Do you have several DevOps teams currently all fighting to do the same work in different ways? Our Platform Team as a Service model can remove this burden by providing a clear roadmap, a set of tools and technologies, and injecting a change culture while de-risking security and release issues.
  • Have costs spiked all of a sudden? Facing release issues? Need someone who can drop in the deep end and solve the problem? That’s where our Rapid Response team comes in. They will dive into the issue and work tirelessly to mitigate or solve the issue for you.
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Where we can help – Health Checks

Our Health Checks work across your whole organisation to give you the full picture of what needs to happen, the realistic view and pragmatic advice with a tried and tested way forward.

Our highly-experienced Ten10 Cloud & DevOps Consultants will check your technology, practices and processes to gain a holistic understanding of the effectiveness, efficiency and pain points.

We operate on the principle that there is no ‘silver bullet’ that will deliver improvements. Rather, a series of marginal gains will collectively deliver a step change to your delivery.

FinOps review

Digital transformation roadmap

Complex product migration

Cloud & DevOps Health Check

Enterprise Agile delivery roadmap

Cloud governance review

Pipeline review

Health Check – Key Takeaways

At the end of the Health Check you will get:

  • A summary of what was discovered
  • Options to progress to resolution
  • A view on the ‘right’ solution based on the business aspirations
  • A list of key challenges & opportunities
  • Quick wins with a view on the return on investment
  • A report covering the observations against industry norms, the orientation to the business objectives, decisions on the top priorities and a plan to act on with time frames


Rapid Response

Sometimes you have a problem and it just needs fixing. That’s where our Rapid Response service comes in.

Get our trusted expert consultants to quickly fix the problem, so you can get back to what you do best.

Typical problems that work well with our Rapid Response service vary from pipeline issues to complex team delivery issues.

Our experts can help with: Debugging a pipeline, pipeline throughput, deployment issues, configuration management, infrastructure as code, team delivery optimisation, application release, pipeline extension

Team in a Box

As digital transformations accelerate, pressure on platform teams and DevOps teams increases. This means difficult calls about prioritisation have to be made.

You have a growing pile of technical debt and you don’t want to be weighed down by having to onboard new people into your existing teams. That’s where our Team in a Box can help.

Our team will come in, evaluate your technical debt and agree a capacity-based model to work through it, ensuring you stay ahead and can benefit from the technical debt being reduced and removed.

Platform Team as a Service (PTaaS)

With the Platform Team as a Service you get a fully managed outcome. We will work with you to ensure the tooling and technology your teams need to be successful is being delivered. We will create a central point of coordination that can focus on cost management, security, governance, and general usage of the cloud while providing the tooling and technology to help accelerate your existing teams.

Through the use of an easy-to-adopt platform and tight governance, we encourage teams to work towards the solutions created and if not, we will enforce the controls necessary to de-risk the business.

This hybrid approach allows the business to remain flexible in how problems are solved while ensuring consistency and governance are not forgotten.

Cloud Migration

Cloud is a wonderful cost saver for ad-hoc workloads or those that require burst capacity. However, some workloads are better suited to on-premise. With this in mind, our Migration Factory is designed to move workloads to the right platform for their type of work or create a platform-agnostic approach to allow for flexibility.

By looking at the architecture of each solution and how it is currently being used we will recommend the right approach for each solution and put it through our factory approach to ensure consistent outcome no matter where the solution eventually ends up.

Why Ten10

Ten10 has extensive experience across a huge range of sectors, technology stacks, programmes and projects of varying size.

Our goal is simple. It’s not to come in and deliver something for you – it’s to help you deliver the outcome and give you the people, skills and understanding to manage it yourself. Ensuring an appropriate balance between business risk and delivery, we focus on maximising value and minimising cost by achieving ‘more with less’.

Our hybrid model which blends our strong consulting offerings with our award-winning academy allows you to have the solution you need today while providing the people you need to run it in the future.

Technologies we work with

GitHub Copilot

Free Webinar: How Platform Engineering Plays A Pivotal Role In Modernising Legacy Infrastructure

Hear from Matt Smith, Ten10’s Head of Cloud & DevOps Practice, as he explains how adopting a Platform Engineering approach can revolutionise your organisation’s projects.

You’ll learn:

  • Why Platform Engineering outperforms traditional DevOps in large organisations
  • The critical responsibilities of a Platform Engineering team
  • How Platform Engineering works across varying scales
  • The three actionable steps to empower your Platform Engineering team for success
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