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We are at the forefront of delivering Software Testing services and consultancy in Agile, continuous delivery and DevOps environments, with a pragmatic use of the latest technologies, tools and frameworks to support our clients in producing effective, working software. With our approach to quality assurance and testing software, you will be able to better balance quality with risk to gain a competitive advantage.

Our high-value analytical and automation-led software testing approach enables clients to understand risk and release more frequently with increased confidence.

We also consider the use of AI to both enhance and accelerate software testing of more traditional products along with how to test AI based solutions where the original rules no longer apply.

Addressing business concerns with software and QA testing services

Ten10’s high-value analytical and automation-led software testing services enables you to understand risk and release more frequently with increased confidence.

Struggling to complete functional testing in line with project milestones?

Worried that your regression tests are focused on the right features and are mitigating your quality risks?

Are business users unhappy with the amount of software testing they need to complete?

Unsure if software releases are ready to deploy?

Is your team uncertain about which tools might help with their software testing?

Do you want to improve your approach to QA software testing but not sure how to go about it internally?

With Ten10, you can utilise our range of software testing services to find the right solution for your project.

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Test Automation

Our experienced Automation Consultants and engineers ensure that test automation is implemented where ongoing value can be achieved to help you deliver your business outcomes.

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Functional Test and Quality Engineering

We offer a full range of innovative functional test and quality engineering services to programmes, projects and business as usual workstreams so you can deliver change with confidence.

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GenAI Testing

Our Quality Engineering and Software Testing practice are experts in how to test Generative AI LLM based solutions where the original rules no longer apply.

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Performance Test and Engineering

Ensure software performance and stability on your busiest day with Ten10’s innovative performance test and engineering service.

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Data Testing Solutions

We provide expert data testing solutions to deliver your Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence, Big Data and Data Migration programmes and projects with confidence.

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Web Accessibility Testing Services

Confidently deliver digital change with our high-value, flexible accessibility services.

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Device and Browser Compatibility Testing

We provide testing services to ensure your software will meet customer expectations across a broad range of devices, operating systems and browsers

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How we deliver software testing services for you

Our QA & Software Testing Consultants will develop a test approach that aligns with your priorities, risk appetite, technology and timeframes. We underpin all functional tests with thorough, risk-based test analysis to ensure appropriate test coverage and to balance quality risks against time and budget constraints.

Our Consultants will advocate for software and product quality throughout the development lifecycle, ‘shifting left’ to increase defect prevention and reduce the cost of defect resolution. We utilise our expert test analysis capability to define and refine regression test suites for all functional test types to ensure they stay streamlined and relevant and to give you the ability to deploy your software with confidence.

Software testing technologies, capabilities and frameworks


Our QA & Software Testing consultants are tool agnostic and have expertise in a wide range of open-source and commercial tools which support functional test activities. This ranges from requirements, defect and test management tools (Jira, Azure DevOps, Zephyr, Xray, Test Rail, SpiraTeam, HP ALM) to integration and API test tools (Postman, SOAP UI and Fiddler), through to documentation management tools (Confluence, SharePoint).

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Utilising the decades of industry-leading experience from our Consultants and Engineers, we’ve built a library of templates, frameworks, tools, checklists and process flows mapped to all phases of the software delivery lifecycle. Working with Ten10 means you benefit from this methodology that ensures robust and consistent delivery, no matter the size of the project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The seven steps of the software testing life cycle are:

  1. Requirement Analysis: Understanding the project requirements and defining clear objectives for the testing phase.
  2. Test Planning: Creating a comprehensive test plan that outlines the scope, resources, and timelines for the testing activities.
  3. Test Design: Developing detailed test cases that cover all aspects of the software’s functionality, ensuring thorough test coverage.
  4. Test Environment Setup: Establishing a controlled environment where the testing process can take place, including hardware, software, and network configurations.
  5. Test Execution: Running the test cases, recording the results, and identifying any defects or issues that arise.
  6. Defect Tracking: Tracking and managing any defects found during testing, prioritising them to resolve issues efficiently.
  7. Test Reporting: Analysing the test results, generating reports, and providing valuable insights to stakeholders.

Effective software testing ensures that an application functions as intended by identifying and fixing bugs before deployment. It helps improve performance by validating system responsiveness, stability under load, and speed, contributing to a seamless user experience.

Software testing utilises various tools for different testing approaches. Each tool has its unique strengths, and the choice depends on the specific requirements of the testing process. For example, LoadRunner and Apache JMeter serve performance testing, while Postman and SoapUI are common for API testing and bug tracking tools like Jira and Bugzilla help manage issues. Visit our Technologies page to see a full list of the tools we use while conducting software testing.

Agile methodologies promote continuous integration and frequent iteration. This means defects are identified and addressed faster, reducing the risk of large-scale issues at later stages. Agile also encourages collaboration between developers and testers (leading to better understanding and quicker problem resolution) and allows for adaptive planning, so changes in requirements can be efficiently handled, thus enhancing the responsiveness and quality of testing.

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“This project has been a triumph for a tightly integrated, highly collaborative team of passionate experts who shared a clear view of the delivery objective from the outset and throughout. That the resulting solution has been so positively received – and is already performing so well – is testament to the incredible effort by all concerned, with so many – including Ten10 – going above and beyond.”

IT Director, Hobbycraft

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