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Data quality and integrity are increasingly critical as organisations’ C-level leaders are making their strategic decisions and predictive analysis based on data presented to them. That means your data testing approach is critical for success.

Furthermore, data quality is increasingly important to driving our clients’ innovations and efficiencies. With the growth of “decision and data science”, the importance of data lakes, data warehouses, business intelligence analysis, and reporting has grown significantly over recent years and is expected to continue to grow for the foreseeable future. Keeping pace with emerging tech solutions (e.g. cloud, data lake, data bricks, data pipelines) and reducing reliance on legacy data solutions (e.g. mainframes) means our clients are delivering increasingly complex data migration projects and programmes.

We understand the importance of risk mitigation through appropriate test approaches, tools and coverage, ensuring data integrity and data quality. We have a proven track record of identifying and optimising appropriate data test processes and tools which, when coupled with our highly-skilled Consultants, will give you the confidence to change, upgrade or implement your data solutions.

Data Testing Services

Ten10’s Data Warehouse Test Solutions align with your data warehouse implementation. Our Consultants will understand how your data warehouse is structured and confirm intelligent test approaches for each stage of the data process. They will consider approaches for testing source to target across the different levels within the data warehouse structure, testing the extract, transform and load (ETL) process, testing any data staging or data cleansing activities as well as testing the data quality and data integrity across your architecture.

Our test solutions for Business Intelligence Analysis and Reporting will increase your confidence in the data analysis you and your teams conduct. Ten10’s specialist Data Test Consultants have a breadth and depth of experience working with complex star and snowflake schemas, supporting our clients and their business users to maximise the value from different data views by using Fact and Dimensions tables, and testing the data journey end-to-end considering views, reports or applications that consume the data.

Ten10’s Big Data Test Solutions leverage our highly-technical and specialist Data Test Consultants to help you maximise the return on investment from your big data technology solution. Our Consultants are comfortable working with many different unstructured or semi-structured data sources and are familiar with many market-leading big data tools (e.g. Apache Hadoop). Our teams will lead the testing of the end-to-end data journey, including any data pipelines, data bricks and extract, transform and load (ETL) processes. Ten10 Consultants will maintain a focus on data quality and data integrity throughout and focus on giving you confidence that the business intelligence reporting provides you and your business users the insights you need.

Ten10 has expertise in Data Migration Test Solutions spanning many clients operating in a range of sectors with varied tech stacks. Whether you are upgrading a product, implementing a new solution, or moving from on-premise to cloud-hosted infrastructure, having confidence in your data migration approach and solution is key. Ten10 Consultants will work with you to define a tailored and risk-based test approach encompassing all aspects of the data migration process – covering the data journey from source to staging to target, the extract, transform and load (ETL) processes, considering data quality and data integrity, non-functional/performance requirements and user experience and expectations.

Why Ten10

Understanding your priorities, risks and technical solutions is key to Ten10’s intelligent approach to data test solutions – we seek to maximise your return on investment while mitigating risk by leveraging Tenology and optimising and tailoring a solution that is bespoke to you.

Our breadth of experience across tools, tech stacks and industries makes it possible for us to effectively and efficiently mitigate your data solution’s quality risks, enabling you to deploy, upgrade or migrate your data solutions with confidence. Our heritage and expertise across all test disciplines mean we will identify opportunities to use alternative test approaches utilising Ten10’s expertise in test automation and performance engineering.

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