Functional andNon-Functional Testing Services

Efficient and highly effective testing services across multiple testing levels, methodologies and industries

Functional Testing

We enable our clients to understand their products better and build in quality earlier in the product lifecycle with our functional testing service.

We take a context-driven approach to each functional testing project, ensuring the best-fit functional testing tools, practices and techniques are employed.

Experienced across a range of testing levels, methodologies and industries, our functional testing experts apply the most relevant principles and practices regardless of whether you are looking to use a traditional waterfall methodology or you have transitioned to an agile test environment.


  • Prioritised testing coverage focusing on product risks to optimise testing efforts
  • Experienced in designing and executing functional testing in both traditional and agile environments
  • Blended teams available on and off-site to deliver cost-effective, functional testing in a timeframe that meets your requirements


  • Comprehensive functional testing service – from a strategic review through to test setup and execution including the delivery of all aspects of functional testing throughout the delivery lifecycle
  • Assess your current capabilities and provide recommendations
  • Provide strategic direction for functional testing.
  • Fully managed functional testing service or embedded testers to support your team

Service Offerings

  • Functional testing strategy and consultancy
  • Functional test audit
  • Design of functional testing frameworks
  • Selection and advice on functional testing tooling
  • Design and execution of functional testing


We have the expertise, the talent, the technology, and the rigour to de-risk technological innovation. Our pragmatic approach gives our clients the confidence to embrace change fully. From fixed-length engagements such as a strategic review through to advice on industry-specific best practice, we help our clients leverage technology to drive change and gain competitive advantage.

Our managed services are delivered through our permanent, skilled delivery team and can be deployed either on or off-site depending on your requirements. Our highly talented teams are experienced across a range of industry sectors, technical environments and tools.

Non-Functional Testing

Our non-functional testing services include the delivery of performance testing and engineering as part of our managed services, along with operational acceptance testing (OAT). Our experienced OAT Consultants work with you to review and consider relevant non-functional requirements (NFRs) along with the design and execution of tests to assure elements such as business continuity, disaster recovery, backup/restore, alerts and monitoring, batch schedules, startup and shutdown, alerts and monitoring, logging and audit, security and access control.

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