Define, Demonstrate And Deliver

All Ten10 engagements adopt our proven approach to delivery that is underpinned by our desire to be your long-term, trusted partner and which enables you to quickly see the value that Ten10 solutions bring.

Define And Demonstrate

All Ten10 solutions are built on the foundation of understanding your requirements, from your business, solution and technology landscape, your delivery approach and associated tools, to your priorities, constraints and challenges.

Understanding your business needs ensures that Ten10’s solutions are fit for purpose, tailored to your organisation and deliver a return on your investment. During ‘Define and Demonstrate’, we confirm our strategy, approach, solution and tooling, then show how these will align with and benefit your programme, project or business as usual changes.

Supported by ‘Tenology’, Ten10’s delivery methodology, we quickly deliver value to your organisation through our templates, tools and accelerators.


Building on Define and Demonstrate, during ‘Deliver’ we support the ongoing requirements for your organisation. We continue the Ten10 partnership approach, proactively tailoring our services, team and approach to continue to meet your needs.

Ten10 provides continuous feedback throughout our engagements, enabling you to stay in control and ensure we remain focused on supporting your programme, project or business as usual changes. Our flexible approach to resourcing through Ten10 Teams means we can quickly adapt to changing priorities, technologies and skill requirements. Ten10 has a continuous improvement culture that we bring to all of our customers, ensuring that we add value and drive the efficiency and effectiveness of our solutions and services.

Ten10 solutions provide a lasting legacy through our high quality artefacts and collateral, our knowledge base, and through successful, proven delivery.