This course provides a base understanding of DevOps and the underlying techniques required, expanding on the core training content, including the building, testing and deploying of a containerised app in AWS:

  • Continuous integration and delivery (Jenkins)
  • Configuration management (Puppet)
  • Environment provisioning/virtualisation (AWS, Azure)
  • Linux / Unix administration basics (shell scripting, permissions, best practices)
  • Security, monitoring and alerting
  • Other operations and development concepts (ranging from networking to SSH to TLS)

By the end of the course, students can:

  • Understand Linux / Unix system administration essentials such as processes, permissions, users and groups, the input and output streams, the Bourne shell etc.
  • Understand TCP/IP networking, Ethernet and issues such as routing and firewalling; be able to debug issues using tools such as tcpdump and WireShark
  • Understand the management of modern Linux systems at scale, including the use of a configuration management system, systemd, using Docker and Kubernetes and OpenSSH
  • Draw upon experience of debugging complex systems with many moving parts by referring to diagrams, and configuration from version control

We continue to add additional courses when requested by customers.