Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

Ten10 has always been committed to changing the tech industry for the better. Demonstrating this commitment tangibly is beneficial in many regards. Ten10 staff, stakeholders, leadership team members, and investors can have the confidence that they are a part of a company making positive change in the world. Ten10’s clients can also know that they are partnering with a company with a conscious commitment to positive societal change.

We’re proud of the many initiatives and programs that Ten10 already operates and we’ve felt the positive impact of these for several years. But becoming a truly ethical and responsible employer means critically evaluating all aspects of business operations while seeking areas for refinement and improvement.

Ten10 is working with The Sustainability Group using the FuturePlus framework to assess Ten10’s impact and contributions in a variety of environmental, social and governance fields.

The Sustainability Group provides the support and guidance necessary to make measurable, effective change and aligning to the FuturePlus framework allows us to make firm commitments about our ESG goals and how we plan to achieve them.

The FuturePlus framework below separates the concept of sustainability into five areas in which we constantly measure our ambition and actual score:


Diversity & Inclusion




“As of January 2022 the Ten10 FuturePlus Actual score of 280 and Ambition score of 366 puts Ten10 in the top quartile when compared to other companies using FuturePlus, both in terms of actual and ambition scores. Ten10’s Actual (baseline) is in the top 10% of all of our scores, and their ambition score is in the top 15%. The delta between the two scores that represent a high level of commitment to continuous improvement, indicating that Ten10 are not just doing the minimum, but are constantly striving to be a better company.”
Michael Penrose, Co-Founder, The Sustainability Group

“We recognise that it is the responsibility of every business to ensure its products and/or services consider the betterment of society and the planet alongside profitability and financial returns, and our Board and Leadership Team will put this principle at the heart of our organisation’s strategy and decision making. Ten10 is committed to playing its part in creating a just and more sustainable world for all. We will make every effort to bring about the incremental changes and improvements necessary to achieve our sustainability ambition.”
Chris Shaw, CEO, Ten10