Leverage our industry-leading methodology to efficiently and effectively deliver your programmes, projects and business as usual changes.

Tenology: Ten10's Delivery Methodology

‘Tenology’ is Ten10’s methodology for delivering our industry-leading services and solutions consistently, ensuring robust and reliable delivery while re-using and repeating our constantly evolving wealth of experience and knowledge.

This means that we deliver value to you from day one, avoiding ‘re-inventing the wheel’ and expensive mistakes.

The result of 100s of years of industry-leading delivery by our Consultants and Engineers, ‘Tenology’ represents our collective experience in delivering solutions.

As a customer of Ten10’s solutions and services, the benefits are clear – proven, accelerated and best practice delivery by a collective rather than an individual.

About Tenology

‘Tenology’ is a collection of assets including templates, frameworks, tools, checklists and process flows that map to a series of phases applying to our entire service delivery lifecycle:

  • Discovering: ensuring a common understanding
  • Defining: the agreed approach
  • Planning: a clear path to success
  • Preparing: ready to deliver
  • Delivering: achieving results
  • Refining: continuously improving
  • Sustaining: being a trusted partner
  • Informing: transparency and clarity

The result is consistent, accelerated and quality delivery to our customers.