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Frustrated with the efficiency and effectiveness of your quality and test processes?

Unsure how to uplift your testing to the latest tools and techniques?

Disappointed by delayed go-lives or high levels of production defects?

Understand the root cause of quality issues with Ten10’s Quality Engineering Advisory and Leadership

Helping you deliver change in a complex delivery landscape

Change is hard in the modern tech landscape. When your organisation is moving at pace, juggling different methodologies, tech teams and suppliers that are already up and running, you can easily feel lost.

Some managers know how they want to change but have no idea how to get there. They lack the time they need and the internal resources to bring it to life.

Others have been ‘sold the dream’ by a tool or platform – promised results that never materialised. They aren’t making the most of their current technology.

Some CTOs approach their senior leaders with a transformation roadmap but fail to secure buy-in. They need someone to validate their plans and show they’re on the right path.

Sound familiar?

You need Ten10’s Quality Engineering Advisory, Leadership, and Managed Services. We’re trusted partners who are on your side – bringing tailored solutions that are intelligently delivered.

What is Quality Engineering?

You already carry out Software Testing and Quality Assurance. After all, they’re essential to ensuring your systems work as they should, whenever they’re needed. So how is Quality Engineering different?

Well, think of it this way:

Software Testing and Quality Assurance validate an application’s functionality, detecting defects and checking that the application meets its specified requirements.

Quality Engineering makes sure those defects don’t appear in the first place – eliminating them from across the software development lifecycle.

Quality Engineering is all about improving how you approach your entire development process. There are 12 elements of Quality Engineering:

  1. Pipeline/Planning
  2. Requirements
  3. Development Process
  4. Test Processes
  1. Quality Assurance
  2. Defects/Live Incidents
  3. Test Tools
  4. Test Data
  1. Test Environments
  2. Non-Functional Testing
  3. Test Automation
  4. Test Outputs/Reporting

Evaluating these 12 elements against your expectations identifies areas of improvement across your development lifecycle. Some may require quick fixes, such as improving communication between teams or altering defect management processes. Elsewhere, you may find larger areas of improvement: adopting new tools, implementing greater levels of automation or growing your tech team to bring more skills in-house.

We know there are 101 things you could do to try and improve your Quality Engineering but there is no ‘silver bullet’. Our experts help you understand what actions are going to give you the best results, where you’ll see the largest return on investment, and what your first steps should be on your improvement roadmap.

How Quality Engineering can transform your organisation

When ‘quality’ isn’t a priority throughout your software development lifecycle, costly bugs delay important projects and cause reputational damage to both your company (in the eyes of your customers) and your tech team (in the eyes of senior management).

How costly can those defects be? Bugs detected in production or post-release cost 30 times those found during the requirements phase.

But improving your Quality Engineering can have far-reaching benefits across your organisation.

  • Inefficient working practices and expensive defect resolution Fewer defects in production and reduced budget spent fixing them
  • Delayed development timelines erode business confidence in tech team Increased delivery velocity improves business confidence in tech team
  • Negative company culture that doesn’t learn from past mistakes and experience team attrition Positive culture improvement and increased business confidence helps staff retention
  • Development team suffers reputational damage, causing low morale, fracturing the team and slowing down work Development team builds a trusted internal reputation, high team morale and increased job satisfaction
  • Poor user/customer experience, leading to reputational damage Better customer/user experience and positive reputational growth

How our Quality and Test Advisory can help you

Understand the root cause of your Quality Engineering issues with our Quality and Test Advisory.

We will:

  • Conduct a Quality and Test Health Check to review your current quality and test approach against industry standards and best practice to confirm what is working well and conduct a gap analysis on what could be improved.
  • Examine all areas of the delivery lifecycle, from project inception to solution delivery and operational support.
  • Advise on quality and test metrics and analysis to provide actionable insights to help you improve quality.

All of our recommendations are driven by your current challenges, business priorities and attitude to risk. You receive a list of pragmatic and prioritised improvements to your processes that you decide how to implement.

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How our Quality and Test Leadership can help you

  • Unsure how to implement an efficient and effective quality and test strategy and approach for your organisation, programme or project?
  • Unhappy with your current programme or project-based test leadership?
  • Concerned that your test tools are not supporting your test and quality initiatives?

Ten10’s Quality and Test Leadership is designed to help our clients by providing proven processes, templates and tools to enable current and future software change with confidence.

Our expert Quality and Test Consultants will:

  • Define quality and test strategy for your organisation, programme or project.
  • Deliver an improvement roadmap, either as a dedicated activity or alongside a pilot programme or project.
  • Prioritise ‘quick wins’.
  • Explain the benefits of change to stakeholders at all levels of your organisation.

We can provide Head of Test, Programme Test Manager, Test Manager and Test Lead-level Consultants, across all test disciplines and based on your business requirements. They’re ready to manage a test team, provide governance and oversight on test deliverables, and ensure your test activity is efficient and effective.

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How our Quality and Test Managed Services can help you

Deliver quality software faster, more efficiently, and more frequently with our Quality and Test Managed Services.

You’ll receive:

  • A comprehensive and fully-tailored workforce approach – technology, tools and a tech team to meet your current and future needs.
  • Proactive and efficient resourcing to ramp up the service during peak periods and confidence to ramp down as projects demand.
  • Regular and tailored reporting and management.

Partnering with our quality and test engineers means tapping into a comprehensive knowledge base and receiving an adaptable service dedicated to continuous improvement, ongoing benefits and providing value.

Whether you’re improving your test strategy, growing your test delivery capability, starting an 18-month transformation programme or even outsourcing you test service entirely, we’ll provide you with the talent you need: the right fit, right now.

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Ten10 – your trusted partner for Quality Engineering

Working with Ten10 means receiving tailored solutions that work for your business, intelligently delivered by experts who care. We work with your goals and priorities in mind from the very beginning. We don’t push new tools or processes if they aren’t what you need – we adopt and improve what you have and make intelligent recommendations that will help you realise your goals.

Ten10 is a trusted, industry-leading Quality Engineering and Software Testing partner that delivers. Our Tech Academy and Consultancy solutions are designed and delivered to enhance our clients’ operational success, right-fit for now and in the future.

Our blend of experienced tech consultants and young, diverse new talent means you stay in control and choose what kind of support you receive:


Our quality engineering services are delivered by experienced Consultants who ensure you can deliver your business outcomes. Our exceptional heritage in software testing and quality engineering means we have a huge breadth and depth of experience across a large variety of industries, technologies and interfaces.

Tech Academy

If you’re struggling to retain staff or grow your tech team, we can provide you with technologists who are the right-fit, right now. You get the exact help you need by working with our next-gen talent on a flexible basis for short-term projects, or as a longer-term talent pipeline to augment your tech teams.

Hybrid Team

This delivery model creates a blended team of Academy Consultants led by our experienced Consultancy Practice to deliver more complex projects for you. The challenge of delivering immediate solutions is addressed by our senior Consultants, who in turn lead and develop the Academy Consultants in the team, all whilst maintaining focus on your objectives.

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