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How our Quality and Test Managed Services can help you

When ‘quality’ isn’t a priority throughout your software development lifecycle, costly bugs delay important projects and cause reputational damage to both your company (in the eyes of your customers) and your tech team (in the eyes of senior management).

How costly can those defects be? Bugs detected in production or post-release cost 30 times those found during the requirements phase.

But improving your Quality Engineering can have far-reaching benefits across your organisation.

  • Inefficient working practices and expensive defect resolution Fewer defects in production and reduced budget spent fixing them
  • Delayed development timelines erode business confidence in tech team Increased delivery velocity improves business confidence in tech team
  • Negative company culture that doesn’t learn from past mistakes and experience team attrition Positive culture improvement and increased business confidence helps staff retention
  • Development team suffers reputational damage, causing low morale, fracturing the team and slowing down work Development team builds a trusted internal reputation, high team morale and increased job satisfaction
  • Poor user/customer experience, leading to reputational damage Better customer/user experience and positive reputational growth

Ten10 – your trusted partner for Quality Engineering

Working with Ten10 means receiving tailored solutions that work for your business, intelligently delivered by experts who care. We work with your goals and priorities in mind from the very beginning. We don’t push new tools or processes if they aren’t what you need – we adopt and improve what you have and make intelligent recommendations that will help you realise your goals.

Ten10 is a trusted, industry-leading Quality Engineering partner that delivers. Our Tech Academy and Consultancy solutions are designed and delivered to enhance our clients’ operational success, right-fit for now and in the future.

Our blend of experienced tech consultants and young, diverse new talent means you stay in control and choose what kind of support you receive:

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