Keeping pace with the ever-growing number of devices on the market is challenging and can seem overwhelming. We apply statistical trends, customer usage data and our experience of historical compatibility issues to identify your high and low priority devices and browsers that should be included for compatibility testing.

Through the use of structured exploratory testing we can quickly and efficiently provide you with adaptive test coverage for device and browser compatibility testing. By applying our risk-based approach to testing, we are able to provide you with a reactive and flexible solution; this gives you valuable feedback as early in the project as possible and focuses your budget to deliver the best return on investment.

In some scenarios, following exploratory testing, - or if comprehensive, in-depth test coverage is required - scripted functional testing can be supplemented to increase the test insights.

Please note: Compatibility testing normally takes place after standard functional testing against a single device (e.g. desktop
if accessible there).

Compatibility testing services

Ten10 Benefits

  • A risk-based approach to testing which focuses effort where it is most valuable
  • Service flexibility and scalability that adapts to your requirements
  • Avoid high up-front device costs with access to Ten10’s mobile device lab
  • Planning and management of all ongoing testing against new releases
  • Specialist testing expertise in mobile testing across a range of industries and technologies
  • Deep understanding of the risks and issues associated with specific types of devices or browsers
  • Mitigate risk and the adverse impact of upcoming releases, by testing on pre-release versions of browsers and OS

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