Regression testing is often an afterthought or deprioritised, presenting potentially damaging product quality risk. Ensuring appropriate levels of regression testing is performed across your users' blend of devices, OS and browsers can present a significant challenge, with time pressures leading to limited regression test execution and focus. This is exacerbated by automated regression test debt, with Agile teams often lacking the time, budget and skills to implement and maintain automated regression tests with focus on new functionality and areas of change.

Our cost-effective digital regression testing solutions provide you with the sought-after skills necessary to embed automation within Agile delivery environments. By giving regression testing a dedicated and appropriate level of focus we help you to maximise ongoing product quality allowing you to gain user trust and increase competitive advantage.

Digital regression testing services

Ten10 Benefits

  • Accelerated digital regression testing service that speeds up your time-to-market
  • Identify and prioritise regression test candidates for automation
  • Avoid regression test debt with a lean, relevant and up-to-dated regression test suite
  • Free up valuable resources to focus on new revenue-generating functionality

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