Mobile applications - whether mobile, web or hybrid have to provide a good user experience across a wide range of devices and networks with varying performance characteristics. Ensuring that your app provides a good customer experience on a slower network, or on an older, less powerful device is essential.

Working with you to determine exactly how your application or system is used by your users, we will define and execute a set of performance tests across a representative range of network and device conditions giving you valuable insights into the response times seen by your users.

In order to identify and resolve issues ahead of releases we recommend that performance testing is incorporated as early as possible in the software development life cycle (SDLC). This helps to minimise the cost of correcting fixes and avoiding reputational damage and loss of customer trust.

You will be provided with insightful reporting and analysis allowing you to better-understand your system behavior and its sensitivities, as well as recommending how improvements can be made. These insights will enable you to identify and focus development work on aspects that are constraining your system, therefore targeting and maximising the effectiveness of any engineering effort.

Key factors we can test and analyse include:

> payload/messaging (message size, number of round trips)
> efficiency analysis of the traffic uploaded/downloaded
> application resiliency and recovery in the event of network connectivity issues
> effective use of the wireless hardware for mobile networking and the impact on power consumption
> measurement of user response times on a variety of devices to understand the apps performance on different devices
> network simulation to understand the performance impact of restrictions to bandwidth, latency and packet loss

Mobile performance testing services

Ten10 Benefits

  • Ensure your application can scale under load, and understand the headroom available in your current infrastructure.
  • Understand how the end-user experience varies across realworld devices and network conditions
  • Understand where your app’s key sensitivities are, and where to focus engineering effort in improving app performance to provide the most bang-for-your-buck
  • Understand when older devices are no longer able to support your platform to provide advice to users

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