Test Environments are a constant and significant challenge for IT delivery projects, with a finite number of environments available to deliver an ever increasing number of parallel projects, test phases and production support activities. In many cases, test environments quickly become the project bottleneck, with multiple releases and test phases all competing for the same environments. Scheduling and configuration management becomes impossible, with the time taken to re-configure test environments with code, configuration and data changes between releases, test phases and projects leading to project delays, or sometimes no testing at all.

Ten10’s approach to test environment management uses Tenology to elicit your requirements, current processes and technology stack to then formulate a best practice approach to provisioning, updating, deploying and scheduling access to your environments. In parallel with this, Ten10 is able to offer a number of technological solutions to ease provisioning and management of your environments with options around migration of test environments to public cloud and private cloud offerings.

Test environments

Ten10 Benefits

  • Flexible: Any number of servers can be provisioned at any one time with many different configurations and data
  • Configurable: Configuration of common application platforms can be completed through the interface including application configuration and database datasets
  • Useable: The easy to use and intuitive web based test environment management interface allows test teams to manage their own environment removing the reliance on already stretched infrastructure teams
  • Scalable: The ability of the cloud to scale to almost infinite levels allows full performance and scalability testing to be completed
  • Repeatable: The ability to create environment templates and snapshots means that any number of environments of the same release, configuration and data can be run in parallel

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