Your choice of tool should be selected based on your individual requirements and systems, and should be guided by a number of factors including: your development architecture, the skillsets of your test teams, any existing development tools you use already, your upcoming product and application roadmap, compatibility with any existing test assets.

Our tried and test approach (Tenology) includes a detailed approach for tool selection. Our experienced, seasoned industry practitioners will work with you through a series of workshops - eliciting your requirements and analyzing your current and future processes, application and tools. We will then leverage our experience to provide you with a shortlist of best-fit tool choices and work with you to implement a proof-of-concept applying these tools to your specific requirements. We will then work with you to find the best-fit tool or tools for your organisation.

Should you wish, we can then also provide advice and consultancy skills to implement the chosen tools, working closely with your teams through a variety of engagement models to help you achieve your goals.

Test tooling

Ten10 Benefits

  • Tool agnosoticism - experience of working with a variety of commercial and open source tools.
  • Understanding your requirements - working closely with your teams to elicit your exact requirements
  • POC driven approach - Hands on, practical pilot implementation with a shortlist of tools, on your applications not a demo test app
  • Seamless integration through Tenology - Move seamlessly from the POC phase to embedding the tool within your organisation through a variety of flexible engagement models.

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