The Further Programming and Application Development course comprises advanced programming concepts and wider application development practices using the Java ecosystem. Students will be able to:

  • Understand theory and principles of object-oriented design – e.g. the SOLID principles and design patterns
  • Know and be able to apply most of the features of the Java language – e.g. lambda expressions, anonymous classes, interfaces, enums, generic types and methods
  • Work within the wider Java ecosystem, using some common tools and frameworks – e.g. a unit testing framework, a mocking framework and a DI framework
  • Draw on the experience of working on a significant codebase
  • Undertake development beyond their own laptop – e.g. have real experience of methodologies like Scrum, TDD, CI/CD and code review within a real team and a changing project

We are also able to provide cross-training from Java into a number of other languages including:

.NET Development Bolt On

Android Development Bolt On

Python Development Bolt On

iOS Development Bolt On

We continue to add additional courses when requested by customers.