Performance Test And Engineering

Ensure performance and stability on your busiest day with Ten10’s innovative performance test and engineering service.

Make Business Critical Just Business



Worried that your solution will fail during peak periods?



Uncertain about the performance limits of your solution?



Have you disappointed your customers and stakeholders due to poor performing applications?

Ten10’s proven performance test and engineering solutions merge technology, tools and expertise to mitigate performance quality risks and enable you to meet your business and customer needs.

Define And Demonstrate

Adopting a performance engineering approach throughout the delivery lifecycle, Ten10’s performance test and engineering services range from early performance validation through to continuous performance testing as part of an Agile CI pipeline and full end-to-end performance and load testing, all complemented by performance engineering to support issue remediation and resolution.

Ten10 performance test and engineering Consultants understand the importance of performance test design and preparation to ensure its overall success, ensuring an appropriate focus on volumetric modelling, environments and data, along with collaboration with the wider team in order to ensure appropriate buy-in and support. Ten10’s team of technologists is able to fully understand the solution and technical architecture in order to define the most appropriate performance engineering approach and design (from volumetric modelling to load injection and monitoring approaches).

Ten10 has expertise in a wide range of open source and commercial tools and frameworks and our technology and tool agnostic approach means we always recommend the most appropriate solution to meet your business needs.


Our performance Consultants are exceptional technologists with an excellent grounding in and passion for technology, and who are able to deliver the most effective performance engineering solutions which are supported by Tenology.

Ten10 performance test and engineering Consultants will design, script and execute appropriate performance tests and conduct deep analysis that provides a clear view of your solution’s performance characteristics and areas for improvement.

Ten10 consultants are able to fully understand the solution and technical architecture in order to define the most appropriate performance engineering approach and design (from volumetric modelling to load injection and monitoring approaches), along with providing tuning and architecture recommendations and working with you to implement these.

Our team has exceptional skills and experience in open source solutions such as Apache JMeter and Gatling, along with commercial tools such as Neotys Neoload and Micro Focus LoadRunner and APM tools such as Dynatrace, AppDynamics and NewRelic. A focus on end user experience has also resulted in an increasing number of solutions involving load and capacity based performance testing, whilst automating at the client side in order to assess and optimise the full end-to-end solution.

Ten10’s user-friendly reporting ensures that complex, technical, metric-driven test outputs and conclusions are clearly explained and are fully understood by all decision makers, from technical architects through to senior business stakeholders.

Why Ten10

We have successfully delivered performance test and engineering solutions to support our customers to understand the limits of their solutions, solve performance issues, and ensure positive user experience. Ten10 has:

  • A proven track record of giving customer confidence in the performance of their solutions prior to deployment and prior to windows of peak usage, e.g. Black Friday
  • Exceptional experience across a wide range of technologies, architectures and industries, including eCommerce platforms, trading platforms and internal business applications
  • Performance test and engineering Consultants who remain at the forefront of technology changes to ensure effective performance testing for cloud and SaaS based solutions, along with modern architectural approaches such as microservices
  • Delivered ongoing performance engineering and testing on major technology programmes along with one-off, smaller scale performance assurance projects prior to go-live