RPA Health Check

Increase the effectiveness, stability and maintainability of your RPA solutions with our RPA Health Check, providing an expert-led roadmap to review, refresh and restart your RPA journey.

Improve And Uplift Your RPA Solutions, Processes And Capability



Frustrated by the limited success and significant cost of your RPA journey to date?



Uncertain how to improve the effectiveness, stability and maintainability of your existing RPA solutions prior to further rollout?



Afraid to invest further in RPA due to limited business confidence?



Unsure how to refresh and restart previous RPA initiatives?

Ten10’s RPA Health Check solution provides an expert-led, proven and accelerated way to achieve this.

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Define And Demonstrate

Many organisations have already embarked upon their RPA journeys but with limited success and significant cost. Other organisations have completed initial RPA implementations successfully but are not sure where to go next.

Ten10’s RPA Health Check solution delivers an expert-led review of your existing RPA implementation, engaging with both business and technology stakeholders to ensure a comprehensive assessment and overall buy-in.

Our extensive RPA experience means we bring real world, practical solutions that we know will make a difference. We will review:

  • Your existing RPA scope, strategy and approach including the wider implementation and how it is maintained and supported
  • The RPA tooling implementation, scripts and configuration, the data that drives these and how they integrate with the application landscape including access / security approaches
  • The methods used to automate the underlying processes and applications
  • The approach to RPA development, maintenance and testing including environments to support this
  • Audit, logging and exception handling processes (automated or otherwise) and common live operational support issues
  • The RPA infrastructure implementation and where this fits within the wider estate

We will then:

  • Assess the relative costs and benefits of implementing new solutions against improving existing solutions
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your current implementation and recommend enhancements and additions if required
  • Compare your working practices and processes against industry best practices and propose improvements if needed

Ten10 brings deep technical expertise to ensure an appropriate balance between ‘pure’ RPA solutions to directly replace repetitive human tasks versus more robust, efficient and lower-level approaches to achieve the same business outcome.

Our ‘Tenology’ methodology and framework provides best practice templates and processes, whilst tailoring our deliverables to address your solution, technology and delivery context.

Why Ten10

Ensuring an appropriate, best practice approach to RPA is essential to maximising the value, delivering a return on investment and ensuring long term success. The benefits of working with Ten10 include:

  • Proven track record of delivering RPA success and value
  • Industry leading experience and exceptional heritage in test automation ensures we know what works and crucially, what doesn’t
  • Focus on working with your business and IT stakeholders to analyse and identify prioritised RPA opportunities based on business value
  • Partnerships with and experience in the leading RPA tool vendors allowing us to identify the right solution for your business