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Demonstrating efficiencies and driving productivity through better test automation

Test automation is an effective tool to help you improve your tech team’s efficiency by speeding up repetitive tests so they can be completed in hours, rather than days. Automated testing can help you increase test coverage and spot defects early, thus reducing the cost of your projects and minimising costly time spent fixing bugs.

That’s how test automation is supposed to work. But if it isn’t implemented properly, you’ll struggle to see a return on your investment. Technical debt can accumulate each time you choose quick fixes and patches rather than a durable and permanent solution.

The benefits of efficient test automation are long-term, as you streamline and simplify each point of your software development lifecycle so it can be completed confidently, quickly and efficiently. That’s why it’s essential to work with a trusted partner specialising in test automation services ensuring you have a solid test automation foundation to build upon.

That’s where Ten10’s Test Automation Advisory and Test Automation Factory come in. We’re trusted partners who are on your side – bringing tailored test automation solutions that are intelligently delivered.

Test Automation Best Practices

Assessing and implementing test automation means following the test automation pyramid as a framework:

When organisations consider test automation, they often concentrate on the top of the pyramid – the User Interface tests – as those tests validate the controls that an application’s user directly interacts with (such as menus, buttons and icons). This is a mistake. Test automation concentrated on this level can prove brittle and likely to break as the application continues to be developed.

Instead, effective test automation starts at the bottom of the pyramid with Unit/Component tests.

  1. Unit and Component tests are written by developers to test the functionalities they develop. This is roughly 50-60% of the test automation pyramid.
  2. Service Layer tests can then be automated to ensure units and components interact with necessary APIs, allowing systems to communicate effectively with each other. This is roughly 20-40% of the test automation pyramid.
  3. UI tests can then be written to check that on-page controls execute commands correctly and that the whole application works from an end-user perspective. This is roughly 10% of the test automation pyramid.

This technical and systematic approach can sometimes feel at odds to business leaders who are not close to the test side of their business. Again, they are likely to focus on UI tests as that’s where they expect to see the highest return on their investment. But don’t forget that those tests have been built on top of a solid foundation of unit, component and acceptance testing.

You should also not underestimate the non-revenue benefits and return on investment in effective test automation:

  • Improved test team skillset
  • Increased frequency of execution
  • Less time required for manual testing
  • Increased test coverage
  • More frequent releases to production
  • Faster feedback
  • Ability to deploy and fix forward with confidence

How to identify opportunities for Test Automation in your organisation

Do you know how widely test automation can be used in your organisation? The test types listed below are all prime candidates for automation, whether it be fully automating them or accelerating your practices with test automation tools.

Smoke Tests

Test automation tools can help developers check their build immediately, whenever a new build is ready for deployment.

Integration Tests

Verify that modules from different developers work in unison – preventing costly delays.

Regression Tests

Accelerate your regression test pack and ensure core functionality is unchanged after updates.

Security Tests

Streamline security checks with automation tools.

Performance Tests

Remove performance bottlenecks and find defects earlier by running automated performance test scripts.

Accessibility Tests

Spot accessibility issues easier and make your application fully accessible from day one.

Compatibility Tests

Utilise automated testing to check your solution across systems, devices and environments more quickly.

How our Test Automation Consultancy and Advisory can help you

Ten10’s innovative Test Automation Consultancy and Advisory balances technical expertise with exceptional test process experience to maximise ROI and help you meet demanding business requirements.

Our Test Automation Advisory is a three-stage service to assess your test automation capabilities:

Intelligent Discovery

In this stage, we discover your test processes, assets, technology, delivery landscape and the capability of your team. We do this by conducting a health check which reviews:

  • Your current delivery processes, test processes and test assets across your organisation’s test function.
  • Your company’s objectives around test automation.
  • The solution/functional scope for the target automation and any future roadmap.
  • The application(s) and technologies to be automated (including functional areas, user interfaces, data testing, service interfaces, APIs, and both internal and external integrated systems).
  • Trigger mechanisms for test automation and how results will be reported.
  • The skills and experience of your test and development team.
  • Test environments and data to support test automation including current test data approaches.

Intelligent Definition

In this stage, we define a clear view of what is ready to be automated, what a test automation roadmap looks like and what needs to be in place for you to build successful test automation for the future. We do this by analysing the information gathered and identifying:

  • The high-level approach to testing within your company, with a view to recommending changes based on observations made.
  • The proposed strategy and approach to test automation at your company across people, processes, tools, priorities, and return on investment (ROI).
  • An appropriate technology/tooling/framework solution for test automation, including identifying where existing tooling and assets can be reused.
  • The success criteria for the implementation and demonstration of a working test automation solution.

Intelligent Demonstration

In this stage, we demonstrate an initial test automation delivery iteration and produce a proof of concept (‘POC’) of the defined solution. This is validated against your established success criteria, providing the confidence and the business case to progress with further implementation.

All of our recommendations are driven by your current challenges, business priorities and attitude to risk. You receive a list of pragmatic and prioritised improvements to your processes that you decide how to implement.

How our Test Automation Factory can help you

Concerned that your team does not have the guidance and support to help them up-skill in test automation?

Lack the in-house capability to deliver effective test automation?

Would you like to ensure long-term, in-house-driven test automation success?

Bring your solutions to life with Ten10’s Test Automation Factory – our diverse workforce of test automation consultants and engineers. Our Test Automation Factory can ensure long-term automation success. Deliver programmes, projects, small changes and improvement initiatives with Ten10’s test automation consultants who bring a wealth of experience to support our customers to realise change and transformation with confidence.

The Test Automation Factory is typically executed through the below stages, with preparation and analysis conducted in parallel to automation scripting and maintenance.

Preparation & Analysis

  • Review and analysis of test assets to ensure valid tests ready for automation
  • Tests added to automation backlog

Automation Scripting & Maintenance

  • Automation scripting against backlog using Ten10’s automation factory service
  • Automated scripts form a growing automated test suite

Knowledge Transfer Checkpoints

  • Regular checkpoints to the wider test and development team
  • The teams can review and ask questions at these checkpoints

Ten10’s Test Automation Factory provides a high-value and cost-effective service to deliver test automation and maintenance, with our automation team working on an Agile, iterative basis against a backlog of test scripts to be automated, with focus and priorities agreed per delivery iteration.

The Test Automation Factory is delivered by a blended team: test automation engineers led by one of our Senior Consultants. That means you benefit from a senior consultant’s years of experience and leadership without paying expensive fees. The Factory can be easily scaled to your business’ priorities, rapidly ramping up for times of high activity and scaling down with confidence during quieter periods. This approach drives greater ROI, which is essential as your organisation’s priorities can change midway through projects.

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