Test Automation Factory Services

Concerned that your team does not have the guidance and support to help them up-skill in test automation?

Lack the in-house capability to deliver effective test automation?

Would you like to ensure long-term, in-house-driven test automation success?

How our Test Automation Factory can help you

Bring your solutions to life with Ten10’s Test Automation Factory – our diverse workforce of test automation consultants and engineers. Our Test Automation Factory can ensure long-term automation success. Deliver programmes, projects, small changes and improvement initiatives with Ten10’s test automation consultants who bring a wealth of experience to support our customers to realise change and transformation with confidence.

The Test Automation Factory is typically executed through the below stages, with preparation and analysis conducted in parallel to automation scripting and maintenance.

Preparation & Analysis

  • Review and analysis of test assets to ensure valid tests ready for automation
  • Tests added to automation backlog

Automation Scripting & Maintenance

  • Automation scripting against backlog using Ten10’s automation factory service
  • Automated scripts form a growing automated test suite

Knowledge Transfer Checkpoints

  • Regular checkpoints to the wider test and development team
  • The teams can review and ask questions at these checkpoints

Ten10’s Test Automation Factory provides a high-value and cost-effective service to deliver test automation and maintenance, with our automation team working on an Agile, iterative basis against a backlog of test scripts to be automated, with focus and priorities agreed per delivery iteration.

The Test Automation Factory is delivered by a blended team: test automation engineers led by one of our Senior Consultants. That means you benefit from a senior consultant’s years of experience and leadership without paying expensive fees. The Factory can be easily scaled to your business’ priorities, rapidly ramping up for times of high activity and scaling down with confidence during quieter periods. This approach drives greater ROI, which is essential as your organisation’s priorities can change midway through projects.

Why Ten10?

Working with Ten10 means receiving tailored solutions that work for your business, intelligently delivered by experts who care. We work with your goals and priorities in mind from the very beginning. We don’t push new tools or processes if they aren’t what you need – we adopt and improve what you have and make intelligent recommendations that will help you realise your goals.

Ten10 is a trusted, industry-leading Test Automation partner that delivers. Our Tech Academy and Consultancy solutions are designed and delivered to enhance our clients’ operational success, right-fit for now and in the future.

Our blend of experienced tech consultants and young, diverse new talent means you stay in control and choose what kind of support you receive:


Our test automation services are delivered by experienced Consultants and Engineers that ensure you can deliver your business outcomes. Our exceptional heritage in software testing and quality engineering means we have a huge breadth and depth of experience across a large variety of industries, technologies and interfaces.

Tech Academy

If you’re struggling to retain staff or grow your tech team, we can provide you with technologists who are the right-fit, right now. You get the exact help you need by working with our next-gen talent on a flexible basis for short-term projects, or as a longer-term talent pipeline to augment your tech teams.

Hybrid Team

This delivery model creates a blended team of Academy Engineers led by our experienced Consultants to deliver more complex projects for you. The challenge of delivering immediate solutions is addressed by our senior Consultants, who in turn lead and develop the Academy Engineers in the team, all whilst maintaining focus on your objectives.

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