RPA and test automation – Can and should they be used together?

Unsure of where RPA technology and automated test solutions fit in your organisation?

What exactly is RPA (Robotic Process Automation)? How does it differ from Test Automation? And can the two be used together?

The technologies appear to be very similar and the underlying concept appears to be the same: automate a process that would otherwise be performed manually by human users to run whenever and as often as required.

However, re-purposing existing code written for testing purposes to perform business tasks may be significantly difficult in practice. Your business users may use many applications throughout an end-to-end process and your test tools will likely specialise in a limited range of these applications, such as web browsers. A long-running process, particularly with data that must be shared between steps, applications or even departments, may be challenging to implement.

This webinar will explore the differences between the two technologies and look at the tools and approaches you can use to deliver an automation solution successfully.

In this webinar, given by Ryan Smith, our lead RPA consultant, we explore:

  • What RPA is and its typical use cases
  • Test Automation and its applications
  • The pros and cons of both Test Automation and RPA
  • Challenges around maintaining automated business processes
  • RPA for Test Automation – is this possible?