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Performance, accessibility, compatibility and functional services

After all the time and effort you have put into designing and building your web or mobile application; clearly it must be accessible and user friendly for all and work as expected. Especially across critical areas such as performance, compatibility across different browsers and screen sizes, and that it is functionally sound.

We have experience of working on small microsites up to large eCommerce sites and their supporting technologies.

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Performance & Load Testing

Websites not only need to work; they need to load quickly on multiple browsers, devices, and operating systems, especially if eCommerce is involved. Delays in pages loading due to the number of people using your site or application mean that a high percentage of them will leave. Our service helps you understand how your website will perform under load (manual or automated testing) and provides recommendations on how to solve any issues.

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Functional Testing

We provide a comprehensive functional testing service – from a strategic review through to test setup and execution including the delivery of all aspects of functional testing throughout the delivery lifecycle, giving you the confidence that your website or application works based on your requirements.

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Compatibility Testing

Device compatibility testing is checking or validating that your application behaves as expected across the different types of mobile devices and browsers that your clients use to access your application. We have experience testing native, web, hybrid and progressive web applications.
Our cross-browser and operating system QA testing helps you understand how:

  • Your content will look
  • Your navigation works and displays
  • Your website or application design displays
  • Your functions and features behave
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Accessibility Testing

Our Accessibility Testing service provides a check of your application or website and a full set of actionable insights and recommendations, including a usability health check on how to remove barriers that would otherwise prevent people with a range of disabilities from accessing it. We work towards the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.2 (WCAG), level A/AA/AAA, GDS guidelines and ADA Section 508 guidelines for websites with a US audience.

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Test Lab

With a dedicated test lab and a full range of emulators and hardware for multiple browsers, device, and operating systems.

We provide solutions for clients who are developing a new application, upgrading an existing one or who want to ensure that their current application will continue to work as expected across new devices.

Our Digital Testing Lab provides you with a comprehensive range of independent, specialist testing services to meet all your digital demands and compliance with industry regulations.

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